Copyright and handling of personal data

Processing of personal data 

The handling of personal information
The personal data regulation, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is a comprehensive piece of EU legislation about data protection, which is intended to give individuals better data protection in the European Union. 

If you would like to read about Ventu's handling of information, please read the following:

Contact via the website
When you enter your personal data on this site, it is registered in our systems to allow a consultant to contact you. The information can be related to a company or undertaking that you may also specify.
We register: name, title, email address and telephone number.
We use this information to contact you and follow up in any subsequent dialogue.
If no partnership is entered into, this information will be deleted twelve months after it was registered, unless you explicitly give permission for it to be stored for a longer period and if there is a purpose for doing so.

Contact by telephone and email
If you contact us by telephone or email, we register your information and relate it to a company name that you have specified. We register: name, title, email address and telephone number.
We use the information to register your inquiry and follow it up.
If no partnership is entered into, this information will be deleted twelve months after it was registered, unless you explicitly give permission for it to be stored for a longer period and if there is a purpose for doing so.

Contact as a partner
If you contact us as customer or some other form of partner, we may collect your name, title, your email address and your telephone number.
This is primarily with a view to being able to contact you and indicate your role in the partnership/collaboration; e.g. support contact, or in charge of economy.
A record of this type will be retained throughout the entire duration of the partnership/ collaboration and for a period of up to twelve months subsequently. This is so that we can contact you if there are any questions or other matters that need to be clarified in the context of the prior partnership/collaboration.

Financial documents
If you ask for your name to be included on e.g. invoices, or if you add your own name on an invoice or similar document that is sent to the company, this will be retained for five years, c.f. The Danish Act on Accounting.

Who can access the information?
The information can be accessed by Ventu’s employees and, if you are a support contact, other support contacts from your company will be able to see your name on your shared extranet.

If a customer relationship is established via one of Ventu’s sales partners, this partner will also have access to the submitted information.

Where is the information stored?
The information is stored in Microbizz, the company’s CRM system, as are any documents that are exchanged in within the context of the partnership/collaboration.

What are my rights?
You have the right of insight. Contact Ventu A/S by email to receive the personal data that we have registered about you. Such a request will be complied with if you are able to prove your identity within a reasonable time.

You have the right to have your data corrected. If you discover that the personal data we have registered about you is incorrect or incomplete, you can have it corrected by contacting us by email.

You have the right to:
•    Object to the use of your personal data for direct marketing
•    Object to automatic, individual decisions, including profiling
•    Move your personal information (data portability)
•    Have your data deleted. If you want the personal data that we have registered about you to be deleted, we will do so upon your request, if you are able to prove your identity within a reasonable time.

We are, however, unable to comply with your request with if:
• You are a customer of Ventu A/S or one of our sales partners.
• You have an outstanding dispute with Ventu A/S.
• You have a (personal) outstanding financial balance with Ventu A/S.
• If we are under (legal) obligation to store the information, c.f. accounting regulations.

Information that we pass on
We do not pass on personal information to companies, organizations and individuals outside VENTU. The exceptions in these cases are:

We may share information that does not identify individuals with the public and our partners.

Data processor
VENTU uses suppliers, some of whom may be data processors.

External suppliers can, for example, provide systems for organizing our work, services, consulting, IT hosting or marketing.

It is our responsibility to ensure that your personal information is processed properly. That is why we place high demands on our partners, and our partners must guarantee that your personal information is protected.

We therefore enter into agreements to this effect with companies (data processors) that handle personal information on our behalf in order to increase the security of your personal information.

Third country transfers
VENTU basically uses data processors in the EU / EEA, or which store data in the EU / EEA. In some cases this is not possible and data processors outside the EU / EEA are used if these can provide adequate protection.

Treatment safety
VENTU keeps the processing of personal data secure by having put in place appropriate technical and organizational measures.

VENTU has made risk assessments of the processing of personal data and has subsequently introduced appropriate technical and organizational measures to increase the processing security.

If you believe that Ventu A/S is processing your information on an incorrect manner, we recommend that you start by contacting us directly at

You also have the option of filing a complaint with Datatilsynet, the Danish Data Supervision Authority.

Subcontracted data processors
The data covered in this document is not processed by subcontracted data processors.


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