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Ventu develops the Business Operations Management System Microbizz – used every day by companies worldwide for digital task and process management as well as field service management. We offer a wide range of services together with our international partner network.

Companies using Microbizz have regained control of their business and workflow digitalisation. When changes need to be made, they can make them on their own without the need for external consultants.

They are part of an open and independent ECO System, where customers and partners cooperate and make everyone stronger, faster and more competitive.

Microbizz can be used by all companies in all industries and has obtained a strong market position especially within the industries Service Management, Facility Management, Constructor and Energy Supply. 

See our customer cases and read more about Microbizz on microbizz.com

The future is about collaboration

It's about technologies that talk to each other seamlessly. It should be easy, fast and simple to understand.
The speed and way money is made is changing faster and faster. The pace of new demands from your customers, new rules to be followed, technologies to talk to each other is still rising!

We are inspired by our customers

All industries have basic workflows with common features to solve uniform problems. That is why we also have predefined flows that are supported with Microbizz. But it is also a reality that we live in a world with companies that, when it comes down to it, provide highly specialized services. I.e. cleaning is thus not just cleaning. It is different whether it is a school, a laundry room or a laboratory. Potential problems arise in the details. This is also why it is so important that the company itself drives the process of digital transformation.

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