Microbizz is a standard native cloud business operations management system. It originates from 2012 and has been built in close collaboration with our customers. We are proud to say that Microbizz is built around the user and the way the user operates – in daily real life situations. Like in the early days, we keep moving forward together with our customers. Building solutions that fit all, yet leaving space for each company to have their own important specialities. 


In 2020 we have taken this to the next level by introducing Platform4PHP. A brand-new platform that also allows for building independent apps on top of Microbizz. These apps operate as fully integrated “Features” – or so they look. The users will never know the difference, that it is your very own specialised piece of software – just for your own users. 

Developing good software is a continuous process, as both the market and the customers’ needs changes over time. And so do we. We are proud to be one of the first software houses to build Business Operations Software in the cloud. In a time where such software was on-premise only, we were working closely together with our customers – in the cloud. Together we create and culture the deeper understanding of how to build great software for our customers and the industry they are a part of. 

At Ventu we always aim to develop our software along with our clients, to be sure that we actually make real-life and tangible improvements instead of just exchanging one system for another.

Through our events and customer industry user groups (Microbizz Circles), we work together with our clients to achieve better understanding of the demands in their markets and what is needed of the software to support their business. Here our strategic development projects are born, and together with key clients we form a development team, where we provide the technical expertise and our clients provide industrial knowledge and market experience. We believe that this provides a great foundation for software which is both technologically strong, feasible in the market and enriched with the required details from real life daily use. 

When these projects are finished, we enter them into early release, inviting more clients to use them and gathering more useful insights which is appended to the software, until it is ready for release as a mainstream module to the benefit of all. 

Platform4PHP – The open source framework
We believe in sharing and want to live that to the full extend. Platform4PHP – is made available for all, and everybody using it, have access to the same tools as our developers.

Platform4PHP is a framework designed by Ventu and based on PHP.

With Platform4PHP it is extremely fast and easy to move from idea to operational solution. Platform4PHP is native scalable and includes multi-server support, multiple language support amongst others.  

PHP is born independent. Not proprietary. No large corporation owns and control the technology and at the same time it is kept secure and cutting edge by millions of developers worldwide. From the beginning PHP have been a native WEB system, where other languages have started in another environment and moved to a WEB context, making them less-than-ideal for cloud based solutions. 

We aren’t the only ones who have created a dedicated framework based on PHP, but where most other frameworks have tried to turn PHP into something else, resulting in the need for the programmer to learn a whole other mindset, we have stayed true to PHP, and its core principles, and built upon that to make it even faster to become the great dedicated solution it is today for the Microbizz ECO System. If you know PHP, you can reap the benefits of Platform4PHP within minutes, as it is easy to understand and doesn’t try to pull a whole new software model down on you.

As with the Microbizz system, Platform4PHP is also well-documented. 

This framework includes everything that help us build the next generation of Microbizz, making it easy and fast to move from idea to solution, and doing so in a consistent and scalable way. 

So are you thinking about making your own app, integrating to Microbizz? We got you covered! 

We have built Platform4PHP with our entire ECO system in mind – being students, companies using Microbizz and of course our Microbizz Business Partners. Platform4PHP is open for all. So are you thinking about making your own app, integrating to Microbizz? We got you covered! Platform4PHP provides Microbizz-connectivity built-in, so talking to Microbizz is as simple as a few lines of code. You can easily read data from Microbizz and put new data into the system. You can set up interface elements directly in Microbizz and as such make your solution appears as an integrated part of Microbizz, so your users don’t even recognize that they are using another system.

Of course you are free to use our framework to your other non-Microbizz projects. We believe that our framework is all round competitive, providing a competitive platform, where you are able to execute your ideas as fast as they come to you.