The Microbizz ECO System

In this fast changing world, working on your own, keeping ideas to yourself, not cooperating with the business environment, you are part of – will kill your business. There are numerous examples of that. Companies that try for themselves are hit by the perfect storm where the products you are good at delivering are suddenly offered by others – better, cheaper and often in a completely different way. 

That is why we are building upon a 100% open platform, where everyone can join as developers and where we are completely open for integrations and cooperations.

With Microbizz, we are connecting customers, partners and new technologies into full seamless chains of operations.

We see ourselves as the conveyor belt that puts the right technologies together into solutions that are easily accessible and work in practice. And that requires a direct line between our customers, their customers and the jungle of IT companies in the global village.

The Microbizz ECO System is an open and independent system, where customers and partners cooperate and make everyone stronger, faster and more competitive. This ECO System is strong and scalable – it thrives in good times, and it is resilient in times of crisis.

The speed and way of making money is changing faster and faster. The pace of new demands from your customers, new rules to be observed, technologies to talk to each other, is still rising. The limit for how you, on your own as an independent company, can follow and ride the wave of change simply by having skilled employees with sharp products, has long been exceeded. 

Our Mission

We create and nurture a full Business Eco System; sharing, working and learning together. The Eco System will be strong and scalable. Thrive in good times, resilient in times of crisis. Serving all involved to grow and desire to contribute with their highest, and to provide wealth for all engaged.

It is well known, that smaller companies probably have the drive and can execute changes quickly, however they often lack the skills, money and time to keep up with development.

What is new, is that large companies, they don't have it either. Even companies with quite large budgets are moving too slowly. They are stuck with the technologies and the people they have just hired. They easily become a stumbling block for innovation.

The same goes for IT companies. They are easily stuck in their own technologies and approaches. New standard tools are developed all the time and offered in the global village at a pace where no one can keep up.

The challenges are clear and tackling. For an IT company, it can easily take years to develop a new product. But in just one year, many new solutions arrive on the market. For the companies that are users of business solutions, it is a jungle to overlook and there is neither the time nor the resources, to make it all play together.

That is why it is about cooperation. It is the users of IT who face the daily challenges. They are experiencing that the devil is in the detail.

Ventu is no exception here. Our ability and success to keep up with developments depends on our ability to collaborate. Understand our point of view and put it in context with all our customers who are users of IT.


Only through collaboration will we be able to offer solutions that work in practice – where they are to be used.

We do this by being the conveyor belt that puts the right technologies together into solutions that are easily accessible and work in practice. And it requires a direct line between our customers, their customers and the jungle of IT companies that are our colleagues in the global village.


The only way we can do that is to create a close-knit ECO System that works together throughout the entire chain.

It is not as easy as it may immediately sound. True close cooperation requires a mindset of openness and a true commitment to win win. Everyone involved must be able to see themselves as winners and the basic understanding must be to work for the other's success. In practical terms, this means that for whoever participates, every penny and hour invested must come back bigger.

It is our mission to win this race, along with everyone who shares this mind-set. It is our vision that through cooperation in an open ECO System we can ensure that everyone who invests their time and energy in Microbizz feels supported in everyday life, and lifted safely into the future – supported and standing on the shoulders of the entire ECO System.