When you build on what is already working. When you build on the knowledge and competencies your people already have. And when you choose to be open and collaborate, to make yourself and everybody around you successful. You are probably riding on the waves of change. If not, you may very well be riding into a perfect storm. 
Microbizz – We work to help you digitize your business and ride the waves of change.

Our Vision

We want to provide the best open business eco system designed for companies to take back control of digital transformation. We do that by generating micro-improvements in tailormade industry solutions. That is how we make innovation affordable and generate value for everyone involved.

Our Mission

Microbizz – Your Way
We build IT Business Solutions evolving around people and the way they need to operate in time place and circumstance, to do it best. Our Standard Business Solutions shift shape, looks and ways of working to fit the unique business needs and operations, not the other way around.

Give Back Control
We create and take a new position in the market place as a leading provider of transformative digital business operations solutions. Companies must be able to adopt our solutions easily using very few consultant resources. We intend to become revolutionary for the way the modern company is running their business. 

Collaborate or die
We create and nurture a full Business ECO System; sharing, working and learning together. The ECO System will be strong and scalable. Thrive in good times, resilient in times of crisis. Serving all involved to grow and desire to contribute with their highest, and to provide wealth for all engaged.