Deeper Microbizz competencies, stronger anchoring in your organization and a tight link to Ventu

Experience from companies being most successful with Microbizz, shows that one of the key factors to success, is the decisiveness of top management but also, that at least one person is dedicated to drive the business optimization through Microbizz, including the organizational anchoring. From experience we also know, that a solution to this can be a Timeshare employee.

A Timeshare employee is working 50% of the time as part of Ventu and 50% as part of your organization and therefore very close to the people using Microbizz in everyday life.

A Timeshare employee can help to increase speed, quality and organizational anchoring

Companies are using Microbizz very differently. This places great demands on Ventu’s support. We need to have a thorough understanding of your exact workflows, so that we can be a good link between your daily use of Microbizz and the configuration of the system itself. Experience shows us that a good way to solve this is to get our employees very close to your organization. That is why we have created a Timeshare program, where we share an employee 50/50.

A Timeshare employee can help to fulfill the Microbizz promise in your organization

As part of Ventu's organization, we provide the training (Microbizz & anchoring), relations to Ventu specialists and an in depth understanding of how we function as an IT company. During the time the employee is working at Ventu, the person will be part of our organization in the role of supporter and / or Microbizz consultant. Through this role the Timeshare will participate in the daily work improving Microbizz and help to solve problems for all our Customers. This further provides with a broad business insight, beneficial to you.

Together these are very important and useful skills that your organization can tap into, on your business journey to fully digitalize and fulfill the Microbizz promise in your organization.