Microbizz is an all-in-one solution

Microbizz is about optimising and digitalising workflows. Getting more out of your company’s resources – at the same time strengthening quality management and reducing administration. 

Microbizz covers the process all the way from sales to invoicing as well as extranet functionality and customer involvement. With Microbizz all areas of the company are embraced, thus making it possible to achieve company-wide synergies and optimisation of the overall efficiency and quality management.


With Microbizz you can plan and handle all tasks, projects and resources with limited administration. All data can be registered on the task, time, images, notes etc. Resources can be employees, contract workers or sub suppliers.



With Microbizz you can plan and manage your projects, including all sub tasks. You have a complete project overview 24/7, based on realtime data. Our project module enables the use of gantt-diagrams and milestones. 


With Microbizz you can ensure your quality management processes and documentation. It is easy to generate your own questionnaires and forms – including quality forms, satisfaction questionnaires, forms for reporting deviations etc. Quality forms can be set up for tasks, customers, projects, processes. Specific answers in a form automatically generate specific tasks/actions/workflows.



With Microbizz you can get a complete overview of the geographical placement of equipment and fleet etc, enabling you to optimise your planning and overview. 

With our equipment module you can manage your planning and management of service and maintenance, including preventive maintenance to avoid break-downs.



With Microbizz you can get an overview of all goods needed to solve a task and register used goods, thereby ensuring overview, reporting and the invoicing of all expenses. 


All data on tasks and projects including quality and equipment etc is registered in Microbizz, providing a strong data foundation. Reports are quickly and easily drawn from the system – always based on realtime data. Relevant data and documents can be shared with customers and external partners via the Microbizz Extranet.


With the Microbizz equipment-module you can get a complete overview of all equipment as well as plan task on the equipment, i.e. for service tasks. You can always get a complete real time overview of usage and location of all equipment, and see your capacity utilisation.


The process module allows you to automate all types of processes in the company – from quality processes to sales processes, production processes, etc. You can therefore ensure that all processes are run as they should be, receive a complete overview, and achieve synergies across business areas and functions in the company.


The sales module allows you to handle everything in relation to submitting tenders, preparing tenders on site, follow up of tenders, etc. You can also manage everything relating to customer agreements and booking meetings – quickly and easily. You receive a complete overview of ongoing tenders, status in relation to budgets, etc.  


The Extranet Module allows your customers to view and approve tasks and the status of tasks as well as forms, inspections, deviations, etc. You can make all data and documents visible to the customers. Customers can also upload documents, e.g. orders via an order form which then initiates the task in the system.